An AAU & USA Diving Affiliated Program

​​We are invested in taking a holistic view of each of our divers, fostering the parallel development of the athlete and the human being. In this way, we arm our divers with exceptional technical skill, as well as a critical understanding of themselves as individuals, the strength of their character, and the vastness and elasticity of their potential.

As a reflection of our philosophy, we have have designed our Team & Lessons program to be a home for the athlete, defined by the integral support of family, teammates, coaches, and mentors. In this environment, children step in and out of their comfort zones in a fun-loving, supportive atmosphere; encouraged to focus not on achievement for its own sake, but on the joy of incremental progress that leads to excellence on the boards, and beyond.

We believe diving is the ultimate metaphor for life: from getting into a swimsuit, to climbing the stairs to the springboard — visible to all, to making that leap into space…every dive requires the diver to experience vulnerability and respond with courage. And when that skill is mastered, anything is possible.

The ZAP Philosophy

"Leap and the net will appear."

– Zen saying